The Bestie Date Days!

I sat at my desk recently and sifted through thousands of images trying, in vain, to locate one decent shot of me with my best friends or of me with my sisters... Sadly, I came up empty handed.

It's not that we don't take pictures together, we just don't take good ones! Most are selfies in crazy lighting, trying to stretch our arms to a position where our faces aren't totally distorted and we appear our thinnest. Rarely is focus good, rarely are we all perfectly in the shot... But it's fun and we have some digital image which will haunt us annually on Facebook Memories. 

But I don't want those... I wanted some I could print. I really wanted some I could share with this blog post, since these people are super important to me and my lack of quality images gave me a scathingly good idea!

Now that Valentine's Day is over, and just before we're inundated with Leprechaun's and Easter Bunnies, why not offer Bestie Date Sessions?! I do mini sessions for kids and families all the time. Why not offer a session specifically the nearest and dearest friends?! 

It's happening, ladies and gents! Get ready, call your squad and tell them to start picking out outfits... Let's start creating some fun memories together! Pricing will be up very soon. Mention this blog post and receive $25 off!