Spring has sprung... Flowers, pollen, pictures!

The weather is warming, and the pollen is flying here in Georgia; it's the most beautiful time here in our fair state, albeit the most respiratorily challenging season for both natives and visitors. But, beauty overpowers pollen, therefore, as the temperatures rise from cool to balmy, it's time for SPRING PORTRAITS!!! 

Families... Children... Easter Bunnies... and TEENS

Hopping on my soapbox for a moment; I see fewer and fewer true portraits of teens. In this selfie-driven nation, most images showcased online are from a camera phone but hardly the quality image you'd want framed in your home. And, though school photos are still taken through a child’s senior year, the portrait packages (even sports portraits) are seldom purchased for display. I'm guilty of this as well and I'm a photographer! Full transparency, my lens is generally focused on my clients not my 14-year-old... something I mean to correct as we move into the second season of 2018. 

Since my plan is to begin antagonizing my teen with more photo shoots (Max will be thrilled, I’m sure), I'd like to offer an incentive to other parents for more pictures of your teens in the form of a Spring Portrait Sale!

For your teen, book a session through May 31st and get 10% off your total package (shoot, images and prints)!

So, take your anti-histamine(s), go purchase that new Old Navy outfit and let’s get out in a field and make some Pinterest magic with your baby. Selfies and Snapchatting will totally be allowed!