Bringing in the new year with new things!

Never have I ever been so excited for a new year!

And it's because I have exciting news... Well, exciting for me and, hopefully, exciting for you too... I'm branching out into weddings! And not just any kind of wedding (though all are lovely); small, intimate weddings and elopements! 

(Horns sounding... Ta-da!)

I love cake and dancing, so I'm down for a good wedding as soon as the invitation hits my mailbox. And, as a guest, a big production can be delightfully fun. As a bride, however, planning my own wedding in 2009, I knew a big tadoo wasn't my style. I vividly remember the stress of trying to tailor a small, beautiful ceremony and celebration for me, Jake and our family on a (dreaded word) budget... It was a mess! Resources for a small event are few and far between, even when a planning bride gets very creative (outdoors, at home, in a restaurant) and locating a good photographer within our financial constraints was a fair challenge. 

Which brings us to 2018... The time has come, my dear friends, for me to step up and bring some long needed relief to the budget-conscience couple. So, to all my DIY, Pinterest loving, financially fiscal, newly fianced folks... CALL ME!

Let me provide you with beautiful, quality images you will treasure for a lifetime, on affordable terms. 

Hugs from Marietta, Jen!